Each student must select a recent case of police shooting that has occurred in our county and thoroughly research it

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Ethical Issues in the Alton Sterling Shooting Name: Institution: Introduction The correlation between the police shooting and the violent crime is alarming. The majority of the American police officers is characterized by the extreme deadly usage of force. It has been reported that the number of police shootings has increased from 465 to 491 over the last six months of the year 2015. On the other hand, the police officers have also been on the receiving end. They have also been shot and sometimes killed while on duty. Over the same period, the country has also witnessed a number of officers prosecuted for shooting. However, it has been noted that the majority of the police shootings are associated with the racial disparities. This is because most of the police shooting within the last 18 months involve a white police officer and a black victim. A study conducted by the UC Davis in the year 2015 revealed that unarmed blacks are more likely to be shot by the police as opposed to the unarmed white counterparts (Kindy et al., 2016). In this paper, the shooting of the black man by the name Alton Sterling will be covered with the help of the ethical systems dilemmas to determine any potential dilemma components in the case. Summary of the Alton Sterling Shooting Alton Sterling was a black man of 37 years of age; he was shot dead by the police in June of this year (2016). At the time of his shooting, Alton Sterling was selling CDs in the front of the Triple S Food Mart, which is found in the Baton Rouge. The event that led to his shooting can be traced from the homeless man who approached him for money. Though Alton Sterling refused to help him, the homeless man showed

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