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Business Studies Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date E-Business Introduction The current internet linked technologies have changed the face of business communication between different industry players. The E-business communication has changed the communication patterns between businesses and suppliers and also the internal communications of an enterprise that involve the relationship between employees and their organization (Al-Mudimigh, 2015). E- Business can be defined as a combination of information technology communication tools within an organization that is meant to improve activities of a particular of a particular organization through proper functioning and value creation. This assignment seeks to describe the main concepts of e-business and their impacts on business transactions and how firms transformed from the traditional business transaction practices to the e-business practices. This change is usually referred to as a change from brick and mortar to click and mortar. In the understanding of how e-business practices take place, Shawarma Time shall be the focus case study company that shall assist in analyzing how e-business practices are carried out daily in providing services to customers. Difference between (B2B) and (B2C) in Reference to Shawarma Time There exists a significant difference between B2B and B2C models of e-business perspectives although they are all concerned with commercial transactions. B2B is a denotation of business to business and is concerned with the selling of commodities between businesses whereas B2C refers to transactions between businesses and consumers (Bordonaba-Juste, Lucia-Palacios & Polo-Redondo,

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