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Name Professor Course Date Emile Durkheim Introduction According to Emile Durkheim, sociology is the science through which beliefs and certain behaviors result in collectivism. In simpler words, it is the study of how human beings correlate with each other in the existence of rules and other external factors and not limited by individual actions. His focus was on the stability and functioning of the society at large (Mestrovic). Durkheim’s contribution to definition of sociology The three major aspects of Durkheim’s work were functionalism, labor division, and anomie. He was of the opinion that the society is like the body system such that any disruption in normal activities provokes the society to adjust and achieve stability. Additionally, he viewed the modern society as a complex one that requires the division of labor in order for people to depend upon one another. He described the changes in the society over time stating that previously, people were bound by similarities but now they are brought to together by their differences. The terms mechanical and do organic solidarity are used to refer to these situations respectively.  Weakness in Durkheim’s thoughts on sociology One weakness that is evident in his work is objectivity. He is criticized for focusing on only facts and not paying any attention to subjective interpretations that individual actions might also have a role to play in the society. Durkheim failed to understand that individuals hold different opinions that can ultimately change the opinion or even the beliefs of the society. For instance, the thoughts of a political or opinion leader who has a mass following in the society may

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