DTF-Extremist Group

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DTF – Extremist Group Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Introduction - (purpose of paper, relevance of organization assessed) Terrorism is one of the major menace of the last decade as different terror groups, both domestic and foreign, come up with certain and brutal strategies of executing their ill objectives. Usually, these groups are characterized by brutal killings and catastrophic attacks and target certain governments or groups of people within certain geographical areas of interest. Some of the terror groups currently in existence are motivated by various interests and might be categorized into separatists, ethnocentric, nationalistic, revolutionary, political, religious, social, international or domestic. Domestic terrorism refers to the acts of violence practiced by either the citizens of a country or its permanent residents and are directed towards the destruction of the country’s general public or property. Domestic violence is usually an approach to instilling fear so as to achieve political, social or ideological objectives. Mostly, domestic violence is attributed to extremist groups whose values, ideals and beliefs contravene normal expectations from the society. This threat assessment paper is centered on an analysis of an extremist group specifically focused on executing domestic terrorism. Additionally, the paper entails an in-depth evaluation of the group’s origin, ideologies, nature of the operation, and the nature of the kinetic threat posed by this group. Additionally, this research essay also offers the viable courses of action and more importantly, the recommended strategies that could be designed to offer a viable mitigation

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