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DT-Question 11 Name Institution According to Ashford and Mael "social identification is a perception of an individual with a group of persons" (1989). That is, by "striving for a positive self-concept" the individual, to differing levels, may be shaped and defined by their current social alignments (“as per the interpersonal-intergroup continuum”). Tajfel notes that through the social identity "individuals strive to achieve or to maintain positive social identity" (Halldorson, 2009). However, critics point out that “the positive nature of this attempt is a matter of debate.” For instance, in the Turner Diaries, a profoundly hateful book by Andrew McDonald, the Organization tries to use public amenities and services to gain more followers in the areas under its control. The chapter XXI illustrates how Whites are being influenced by the Organization through the provision of food and other resources to view other races as barbaric and hateful despite its racist ideology (Macdonald, 1996). Research into group dynamics using the social identification theory found that under certain conditions, group members will endorse group activities in an attempt to portray a positive distinctiveness of the group and to try and show distinctiveness. Furthermore, the theory notes that in a bid to fit in, an individual will engage in activities that embody the organization's agenda and ideologies (Ashforth & Mael, 1989). For instance, many soldiers in the Organizations forces are engaging in actions without even questioning the legality of these orders, and some are being described as ignorant to the current situation, and unaware of a change in leadership (Macdonald,

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