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Insert name Professor’s name Course/class Date Argumentative Essay: Do alcohol consumption and illegal drug abuse contribute to violent criminal behavior? Introduction The correlation between alcohol and illicit drugs and violent crimes has been a topic of interest. In this case, it is generally accepted that the occurrence of one is an indicator for the other two. For instance, illicit drug users are likely to consume alcohol and engage in violent crime to finance their addictions. Therefore, there is a high likelihood that alcohol, illicit drugs, and violent crimes are strongly correlated with the first two acting as a precursor for the later. The results of the evaluation of the risk factors for violent crime almost always show that illicit drugs and alcohol use are at the top. In fact, acute drugs and alcohol abuse have been identified as the triggers for violent crime. Despite the avid interest in the subject, it is still not well understood mainly because the regular exhibition of the three factors in one individual does not guarantee that any other person who engages in one of those vices will also be involved in the other two. As a result, the precise nature of the relationship between alcohol, illicit drugs, and violent crimes is still worth investigating (Humber College, 2010, p. 18). Therefore, the objective of the paper is to analyze literature that will shed light on the correlation between the mentioned substances and criminal behavior. Discussion The nature of alcohol and illicit drugs use It seems that human beings always have a desire to alter their state of mind and hence end up using psychoactive substances such as cannabis, alcohol,

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