Drug Control Policies

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Criminal Justice Drug Control Policies Debate on Illicit Drug Decriminalization, Legalization, and Stricter Drug Control Policies Name Institution Abstract Illicit drug and drug abuse is a global problem that affects millions of people financially, socially and physically regarding their health. The United Nations came up with conventions to handle the illicit drugs in the 1970s and 80s, but it achieved little positive results. The poor results led to many countries to look for alternatives in policy frameworks and reforms to curb the illicit drug problems. Some have harsh and strict drug control policies with even death sentences to offenders, while some are liberal and have decriminalized and legalized drugs and others have taken an integrated approach involving different stakeholders in fighting the war on drugs. The current debate is on which policy will work to eradicate the drug menace experienced by nations and reform the addicted people in society. There are countries that advocate for legalization and decriminalization of illicit drugs viewing the issue on medical terms, while others see drug abuse as a criminal offense that should be followed by harsh punishments and strict drug control policies. In both these arguments, the parties seek a solution to drug abuse problem. Keywords: drug abuse, policies, decriminalization, legalization, and rehabilitation Introduction There are millions of people across the globe who are abusing drugs, despite the legislation, policies, and criminalization of its distribution and consumption. The United Nations created a department to handle drugs and crime, and it reported that there are close to 250 million drugs

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