Drug Addiction

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Drug Addiction Student’s name Institution Date Abstract Drug addiction is a growing problem not only for street drugs but also for prescribed medications, particularly opioids. Drug addiction has many far-reaching dangers both to the individual and to the society as it may affect the lives of the users as well as the lives of those around. The addiction to drugs may be considered a complex disease contrary to what many perceive to be a lack of moral principles. This paper presents an in-depth discussion on the topic of drug addiction including the signs of addiction, phases of addiction, and the dangers of drug addiction. The paper also discusses the main reasons for individuals’ use of drugs which increase the chances of addiction. The possible interventions to combat the dependence on drugs will also be highlighted. These interventions include the incorporation of behavioral therapies into the treatment programs for drug addiction. There are specific changes to the brain emanating from the excessive use of drugs that ultimately lead to drug addiction. Some of these changes will also be highlighted in the paper. Drug addiction is a disease associated with interfering with a person’s brains in such a way that the person cannot control the use of medications or drugs, either legal or illegal. Addiction is characterized by a compulsive seeking and use of a drug, a behavior which is the most difficult to control even with the associated harmful consequences. Drug addiction may start with a voluntary decision by a person to consume a particular drug. Consistent and repeated use of the drug may result in brain changes and the development of healthy urges to take

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