Draw the box plot and the histogram for the height

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Draw the box plot and the histogram for the height. From the box plot, we can see that the heights are fairly distributed. There are no outliers, and hence all the heights are within the range with others. The lower percentile records height between 59 to 64 while the 75% of the heights fall between 64 to 70, with the upper quartile recording heights between 70 to 76. From the histogram, we can see that the data is symmetric. Indicating a fair distribution of the data frequencies both on the left and on the right. The frequency of the shorter heights is 2 with the higher heights being slightly above 2. Obtain the summary statistics for Hand Length, Hand Width, and Height. Variables N Average Median Range Variance Standard Deviation Hand Length 50 7.0806 7 3.25 0.424022082 0.651169779 Hand Width 50 7.8895 8 6 1.232196173 1.110043321 Height 50 67.296 67 17 17.21875918 4.149549275 From the summary statistics, the sample population is 50, the mean hand length is 7.0806, hand width is 7.8895, and the mean height is 67.296. The median is the value at the middle of the observed data, and in this output, we have hand length to be 7, hand width is 8 and height 67. The difference between the maximum and the minimum data values give the Range, and in the data, we have Hand length 3.25, hand Width 6 and Height 17. The variance indicates how much the data is spread out from the mean, and from the output hand length has a value of 0.424 which is less spread out, Hand width has 1.23 which is fairly spread and Height indicates the largest variance showing that it is the most spread out data. Draw a side-by-side scatterplot between Height (Y) Vs. Hand Width (X), and Height Vs. Hand

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