Douglas Mcgreggor’s Theory On Personalities

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date Douglas Mcgreggor's Theory of Personalities Douglas Mcgreggor created Theory X and Theory Y to examine employee’s motivation based on their personalities and determine how they can be managed in the workplace. According to Mcgreggor, there are two theories which help shape personnel management, communication at the workplace, employee’s behavior and overall organizational development (Carson 450). For instance, Theory X emphasized strict employees’ supervision, rewarding of workers and punishing of those who violate the organizational policies. On the other hand, Theory Y indicates how job satisfaction is crucial in encouraging employees to have a positive attitude towards work and deliver quality. Theory X Since theory X bases its foundation on negative assumptions about typical employees, it postulates that employees lack ambition and cannot take responsibility for themselves (Carson 452). The theory perceives employees as less intelligent people who are not goal oriented. Besides, the theory views the workers as lazier people who need supervision to work accordingly. The theory is essentially applicable in a workplace externally motivated. Theory Y Theory Y acts on the assumptions that employees are motivated by internal organizational factors. The theory indicates how enjoying their working conditions enable employees to feel appreciated. In turn, this enables them to develop positive behaviors and become responsible people (Carson 451). These employees are more of self-driven people, and their good relationship enhances productivity. In conclusion, due to the characters and

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