Donald Trump

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Name: Instruction: Course: Date: Trump’s America Critical Analysis The business mogul has had several controversial statements in his campaigns across the country. The policies put forward in his manifesto has been argued by several scholars to be challenging to the country. The issues raised by Mr. Donald Trump has often been criticized across the globe. The pertinent problems that have raised concerns are the immigration policies and deportation of illegal immigrants. These issues have set debates and discussion in the media platforms in the recent times (Harris 432). The scholars across the country have often stated that these policies and the ideas put forward by Donald Trump if executed, they might bring disunity in a country that has been facing challenges of racism. The scholars argue that these are very critical issues that should not always be taken for granted. The international relations should always be put forward irrespective of the political reasons (Harris 67). The following are the in-depth critical analysis of his policies. President- elect Donald Trump has had numerous issues with the immigration policies of the United States. He tends to prioritize in the wages, jobs and security for the Americans. According to his previous set manifesto, it is evident that he will establish new immigration guidelines and controls to secure employment opportunities for the Americans first. The American workers will tend to receive job offers in the society. It is clear that the strict immigration rules will benefits to the Americans according to his assertion. During his campaigns, Donald Trump actively argued that he intends to protect the

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