Donald Trump Not Fit For President

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The author of this paper has done a good job by introducing us to the main topic right from the first few lines. The author clearly elaborates why Donald Trump should not be president. However, this paper lacks a clear thesis on the topic making it difficult to know what the subsequent paragraphs will be talking about. In this regard, the paper needs a clear thesis statement. The body paragraphs are relevant to the topic, and the author uses some direct quotes to support his/her argument. The quotes are cited, but the writer needs to add the page numbers of the sources. Also, the paper lacks a proper conclusion that summarizes the points that have been discussed in the body paragraphs. With regards to organization, the paper is well organized, and sentence transition is good. Lastly, there are a few grammatical errors that need to be corrected. Military Propaganda and Patriotism The introduction to this paper is enticing and relevant to the main issue. The writer achieves this by posing pertinent questions on the topic. There is also enough information that shows what issue is under discussion coupled with a clear and concise thesis statement. The thesis statement reads “Propaganda through the recruitment of military personnel promotes patriotism and overall brings great strength to the country.” In the subsequent body paragraphs, the writer goes on to discuss the major points backed by examples and quotes from the sources. However, the write did not indicate the page numbers of the sources. It is also evident that the paper targets an academic audience since the author considers the views of different researchers. The conclusion is good as it summarizes the ideas of

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