Domestication of pets

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Dear Editor. Since the ancient time up to date human beings practice the domestication of pets. The cats and dogs are the common species that you will find most families are attached into. It seems People enjoy the company and affection of these animals and treat the animals as part of their family members despite the expense and the ups and downs of ensuring the pets live a comfortable life. But should people keep pets in this 21st century? It is good for people to know the side effects of taming pets. My opinion is that we should avoid these animals if we want to fight Asthma and other allergic diseases. Keeping pets is a threat to human health. There are some facts that support this matter. One of the facts is that some people are allergic to cat hair. To be more specific, a pregnant Mother can risk the health of the infant if she is subject to handling cat litter. More often than not, pets can cause flu among to not only young children but also to the adults depending on the extent of interaction with such animals (Marks, 1). Similarly, some pets might be hostile to their companions. We can agree not all pets are dangerous but are some instances; some cases are reported whereby a dog has harmed their owners. The pit-bull breed is the most known to be aggressive and usually, attack people. Therefore, we can deduce that it is not completely safe to tame such pets. If a family has such kind of breed, let them stay alerted because the danger is knocking at their door. Now that we know the pros and cons of dealing with different species of pets, my advice to people is that we should strive from the onset to avoid the pets which bring Allergy and Asthma infections.

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