Domestication of Oxen

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Domestication of oxen Name: Institution: Domestication of Oxen According to Anderson (2010), the ox is a typical name given to a popular species of ruminating animals that are found in almost all parts of the world. He explains that oxen endure harsh environmental conditions characterized by the rigor of heat and freezing temperatures. In the contemporary society, they are known to many as bovine animals that are domesticated to provide meat and execute draught work. Oxen exist in the family of aurochs, and they have been trained to work in the fields. Anderson (2010), also affirms that any breed of cattle can be trained to be an ox, and more often, it is the bigger and healthier ones that are selected for the purpose. This piece will delve into the history of domestication of oxen, how they were perfected, and most importantly, the overall impact that they had on man. The domestication of oxen can be traced back to around 4000 BC When a few herds of them were in the Far East of Asia. First and for most, several studies have been put forward to demonstrate and prove their domestication. Professor Mark Thomas contends that the archeological remains of aurochs were commonly discovered through Asia and Europe. He adds that the discovery implied that there were plenty of chances to tame and domesticate this "beasts of burden." Further explanations show that the oxen were much bigger than the modern cattle and hence they wouldn’t have had the domestic characteristics that we observe today. Therefore, even if some people managed to capture them alive, their domestication might have posed very significant challenges to man. In the process of domesticating oxen,

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