Domestic violence. Victim to survivor.

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Domestic Violence: Victim to Survivor Victims of domestic violence are often women, and this has seen an increase in strategies that seek to help the victims overcome abuse. However, people that are implementing these strategies need to understand women’s experiences with domestic violence. Domestic violence not only impacts of the victim’s present state but their future is also affected. It may take many years for the victims to overcome the trauma that they went through due to domestic violence from their partners. Women are often abused by their intimate partners, or close family members and they end up not reporting the incidences. However, those who choose not to continue sustaining domestic violence use a variety of strategies to overcome. While each of these strategies is effective, it is up to the domestic violence victim to decide path which they want to undertake. An analysis of the various cases of domestic violence in Houston reveals that women victims join support groups, talk to friends or family members, seek to counsel, leave their homes, and receive support from social workers and the police department as strategies of overcoming domestic violence. Joining a support group is one of the ways that domestic violence abusers use to overcome abuse. For the first domestic violence victim, she was blinded by love and got married at the age of eighteen years. Although her parents objected to the marriage, she told them that she was in ‘love’, and wanted to spend the rest of her life with her partner. One and a half years into the marriage, her husband started abusing her; it was first

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