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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM In certain conditions, where women subjected to violent circumstances at their homes performed acts of murder or homicide following aggravated assault or torture, a brief sentence is sometimes justified. An appeal against such a sentence depends on the judge and the jury present during prosecution of the defendant. A good example is the case R v JANET CATHERINE CHARLTON (2003). On 27th may 2002 at Leeds crown court, Janet Catherine Charlton facing the judge was found guilty of homicide based on frustration and received a five-year sentence imprisonment. Catherine had killed the victim on 23rd may 2001 after living with him for a period of six months. She got acquainted with the victim while working as a commercial sex worker. Apparently, the victim was a very flourishing entrepreneur. From narration and reports, the two had extraordinary sexual escapades illustrated by the court as depraved. Catherine was usually an enthusiastic participant in the sexual endeavors, but in due course, they became extreme a factor that made her utterly lose interest. The victim happened to be a control freak that made Catherine break ties with close friends and family members. He lured her with money which was in abundant. At first she succumbed to his charms and gifts of money, but in the long run, the spark and interest were gone. On 23rd may 2001, Catherine wanted the man to leave because she no longer had an interest in the relationship. He became very aggressive and irritated frightening Catherine who thought he might kill her and her four-year-old daughter. To cool him, she decided to introduce the idea of sex and the victim became

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