Does Thunderheart rely on negative sterotypes?

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Negative Stereotyping The portrayal of a particular culture to the entire world is one of the common themes in the movie and film industry. Usually, such movies may do very well in addition to exposing a particular culture to the entire world. The appreciation of different cultures and cultural practices throughout the world is one of the key reasons behind the integration of the modern world. However, in an attempt to maximize profits in their trade, people in the movie and film industry may misrepresent various cultures through exaggeration, inaccurate information and Negative stereotyping. Even though done to serve an economic purpose that is the maximization of profits, the images portrayed by such movies soon come to be accepted as the reality of the particular culture. This is especially if the particular negative stereotyping has been used before in other movies that feature the culture in question. The culture of the Native American has been stereotyped a lot by the film industry. The movie Thunderheart, though a great movie that features the Native American culture, the movie also heavily relies on negative stereotyping. The paragraphs that follow will be used to illustrate various instances of harmful stereotyping in the movie. A good example of bad stereotyping of Native Americans seen in various films and movies is that of being superstitious. This is also a theme in the movie Thunderheart where members of the Native American community are seen talking to inanimate objects such as talking to the water and the wind. Even though such practices may be existent in that community, it is inaccurate to represent the whole

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