Does Recycling Really Make a Difference

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Wherever you live, in one way or another you probably recycle the products that you use. Whether it is a plastic shopping bag, using an empty food can for storing other things or categorize your waste during disposal as recyclable, organic or garbage wastes. Waste recycling has raised controversial issues on whether or not it contributes to the maintenance of the environment. Recycling makes a difference in the country by promoting environmental conservation and improving the economy of the country through savings obtained after recycling. This essay analyzes the importance of recycling and provides insight into whether or not recycling makes a difference. Some of the commonly recycled products include paper products, which can be recycled five times before its fibers become too weak. About 44 million newspapers are thrown out on a daily basis in the United States which can be compared to the destruction of 70,000 trees daily while a ton of recycled paper can save between 10-15 trees (Recycling Facts n.p). Aluminum, glass, and plastic products can also be recycled. The number of times glass can be recycled countless which makes it one of the most recyclable product. Recycling products provide environmental and economy benefits. Unlike the case whereby one would be required to create an aluminum product from raw materials, the use of recycled aluminum saves energy, the production cost and prevents accumulation of aluminum waste in landfills. Recycling polythene plastic bags saves about 60% of the energy required in producing new polythene bags. Garbage cans, traffic cones, and some plastic tables and chairs are made from recycled plastics which saves the extra raw

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