Does Negative Stereotyping Exist?

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Does Negative Stereotyping Exist? Stereotyping refers to the classification of people, in this case, into a particular group and associating them with specific features. Typically, in stereotyping, an individual associated with such particular groups are expected to possess all the attributes of the other members of the group. Stereotyping can be positive or negative. Just as the names suggest, positive stereotyping is the act of associating a group of people with positive things. Normally people take the positive stereotyping positively and therefore take no offense in it. Negative stereotyping on the other hand associates the groups of people with negative things. These are normally not taken with ease by the group on the receiving end. For instance, saying that the blacks are corrupt people. This means that any black person should be treated as guilty of corruption. Stereotyping does not allow for judgment of personal attributes of a person and therefore misleading. On the question as to whether negative stereotyping exists or not, the answer is quite obvious. Negative stereotyping has existed since time immemorial. The following points can back this: Masculine people for a very long time have been taken to be condescending. These are people are so full of themselves and can never think of anybody being better than them in anything. In as much as some of the masculine people have portrayed this attribute, I think it is very wrong to generalize. A good example to support the existence of this negative stereotype about the masculine people is the Lauren Goodlad’s article of “Why we love Mad Men”. In the article, Goodlad is very categorical that she, like any other

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