Does Koblenz perhaps overstate the ease of obtaining bio weapons?

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Biological Weapons Student’s name Institution In the wake of a swiftly changing world powered by technology, biological weapons are amongst the threats that have received increased attention. Bioweapon has significant implication in regards to international security. Amongst the first weapons to be prohibited by the international treaty we the biological weapons. In his writing, Koblentz does not overstate the ease of obtaining bioweapons rather, he details more on the underlying principles in regards to bioweapons. Amongst weapons of mass destruction, biological weapons are the least understood (Koblentz, 2009). Unlike any other weapons such as the chemical or nuclear weapon, bio weapons are derived or composed of a living organism. Koblentz in Living weapons he provides detailed analysis of the distinct challenge posed by biological weapons in relation to international security. When superpowers nations such as America enjoy military superiority, terrorist and less powerful states are embracing biological weapon to wage asymmetric warfare. However, this doesn’t imply that it is easy to obtain these weapons. The attractiveness of less powerful states to biological weapons stems from several factors such as low production cost, the potential for anonymity among many others. As asymmetric weapon biological weapon is not easily accessible to all as it also involves some cost. However, this does not mean that there are no risks of small-scale bioterrorism assaults the risks are present and very real. Yet, for the weapon to cause mass destruction considerable resources and knowledge are necessary to facilitate the process of storage, scaling up as well as

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