Documentation of Three Historic Designers

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Name Instructor Course Date Documentation of Three Historic Designers The current design seen today can be traced back to the 19th century with designers identifying a new role in the market. The designers brought about the revolution after the First World War. This was referred to as New Typography. It evolved throughout the 1920s to 1930s. This is where Swiss design traces back its roots. Swiss style was adopted by expert designers who publicized it in the art industry. This paper explains the evolution of Swiss design about the artists that made it popular. Swiss design is a rich, realistic, and simple style that has been used by several known artists in the field of art. Many artists are impressed with this design described by how it evolved, the different artists who developed it, and the generation that appreciates its beauty. The following artist Henry van de Velde, Josef-Muller Brockmann, and Jan Tschichold are studied and their connection to the development of Swiss design. Henry Van de VeldeHenry van de Velde was a prominent character among the designers who worked so hard to bring art to industry. He started art as a painter, in the 1890s, then acquired architectural skills. He was an innovator of the modern design and wanted to come up with a new style. He abandoned painting for the reason that it had no beneficial public role and joined the graphic design (Hollis 17). Artists and designers decided to develop a new formal and graphical language. This also created a way for the upcoming artists to engage in a cultural and commercial life. Van de Velde and other artists needed reforms. They formed an association aimed at bringing together art and

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