Do we live in a Free Society?

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Do we live in a Free Society? Basic freedoms and rights have come to be considered fundamental to any individual courtesy of being alive. The principle of human rights and freedoms has a rich history. It draws from numerous struggles in the past that sought to highlight the fact that all humans are equal. The previous discrimination based mainly on race came to be crashed with the universal adoption of the slogan that all men were equal. There exist numerous rights that are legally granted to individuals by their various authorities. Despite the prevalence of individual freedoms, it is important to understand the invisible limits that are set aside by society. However, every right demands some responsibilities from those enjoying them. It is common knowledge that one is entitled to their rights as long as they do not infringe the rights of other people in the society (Fanon, 2008). In essence, human rights often encounter some natural checks especially when they are in conflict with those of other individuals. Ideally, among the natural limits to freedoms and rights, very few of them come into play in everyday life. A person can enjoy all the possible freedoms that are worthy and substantial. It is, however, true that the freedoms are constantly checked by the social consensus in seeking to ensure that they are not at loggerheads with those of their neighbors. Humans are social animals that cannot possibly live in isolation. They, therefore, ought to observe self-restraint in avoiding the infringement on the rights of others in seeking social harmony. In the most basic of the regulation on the freedoms and rights, we check our rights and freedoms ourselves. This is in an

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