Do our grades define who we are

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: The Relationship F School Grades and Personal Life Definition Introduction Schools are important institutions where people learn life skills, career skills, and social skills. Schools are places where people are supposed to interact to develop interpersonal communication skills as they get imparted with relevant skills that would improve their career. As people share in the school community, they end up learning very pertinent life skills nonetheless. However, the core value of formal school education is to help in imparting career-related skills in the students. This is the major motivation for many people put a lot of focus in the school success, especially on the achievement of good grades for personal success in future employment fields. People, therefore, can define the value of their lives from school based on the type and value of grades that they get out of their learning materials. However, some students who have gone ahead to create very successful life ventures with poor grades or after dropping out of school puts a new twist on the value of school education. Many people, therefore, have been wondering if the success in getting good school grades is the sole determinant of a successful life. Debates have been raised that are a pro and against the grades in school as the source of life success. It would thus be important if an empirical research study is put in place to determine if the life success is pegged on one's achievement of grades in school, or not. Background of School Tests and Grades Tests are structured response articles that students need to undertake under strict conditions to determine how much they can

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