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Divorce Name of Student Name of Institution Divorce Unlike other animals, human beings are naturally social. In many cases, human beings interact in a very special way. Moreover, their level of socialization is advanced, driving them to the highest point of a relationship that results in marriage. Notably, lasting relationship that arises from mutual love and understanding is the chief aim of marriages. Here, individuals would want to live a complete life that makes them compatible. Despite the intent for lifetime relationships, marriages come with challenges that might result in divorce. Observably, marriage challenges that can be overcome sustain the relationship while those that cannot be overcome calls for divorce as the most logical solution. Therefore, the argumentative essay evaluates the legal procedures, causes, advantages and setbacks that surround divorce. According to Wong (2016), divorce laws vary from country to country. In other words, the legal structure of a country determines the right channel and procedure for divorce. Even though divorce laws vary considerably around the world, court sanctions or legal authority directs many divorce procedures. Notably, either of the two aid smooth transition among couples who intend to separate. For instance, they would initialize child custody, spousal support, parenting time, child access, and division of debt as well as the distribution of property. Various factors cause divorces. Arguably, the difference in background is one of the causes of divorce. Indeed, most marriages fail to last because some couples hook instantly without pondering on their backgrounds. Such couples end up in divorce because

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