Division of labor revised

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Name Course Professor Date Division of Labor Labor is one of the essentials needed in the production of goods and provision of services. Well organized labor may increase the profits of the company. Cheap labor that is readily available and well planned may make capitalists have more capital power through the production of extra good cheaply and hence more stable than his or her competitors. Consequently, when the profit is high, the capital accumulation will also increase. The capital accumulation is the power for the capitalist to carry out his or her business activities. The division of labor was introduced by the capitalist to ensure that the productivity of workers increased. The capitalists mostly focus on how to increase their profits and forget the welfare of the people providing the labor. The social division of labor called for the slitting of the society into different categories where individual supply labor to the firms based on the areas of specialization and careers with the aim of increasing productivity. However, the most capitalist has taken advantage of the specialization and made it a detailed division of labor by failing to adhere to the laws that exist for labor. The detailed division of labor aims at dividing people through paying cheap for the labor and hence increasing poverty among the labor providers. Therefore, since the individual is poor, the capitalist can control them and pay them cheaply because they are aware that the labor suppliers are desperate. Most capitalists do not care about the interests and needs of the employees. They are just focused on their needs and goals of ensuring that their firms make the highest profits so

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