Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Globalization Paper

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Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Globalization Paper Student’s Name Institution’s Name Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Globalization Paper In this paper, the writer focuses on diversity, multiculturalism, and globalization in the present world. Studies on diversity have found their way into the curriculum firstly due to globalization and secondly due to the effects of globalization. One particular result of globalization is multiculturalism that comes into existence due to the meeting of diverse cultures in a sovereign. Diversity ensues along race, ethnicity, gender, sexual alignment, social, pecuniary status, age, spiritual principles, and civic beliefs among many other facets of existence. Minority groups are formed along the lines of diversity as portrayed in this paper. The Four Layers of Diversity helps lay the foundation to comprehend studies on the various aspects of this study. It is through the interconnectedness of the world that interaction of different cultures is made possible thus the existence of multiculturalism. The impact of diversity, multiculturalism, and globalization and their interconnectedness is delved into in depth. Key words: Diversity, Minority, Racial Diversity, Cultural Diversity, Globalization Diversity refers to acceptance and respect of the differences that exist between different aspects of life. It is through diversity that people get to understand the uniqueness of each individual by recognizing the existence of individual differences (Abu-Laban & Gabriel, 2002). Diversity occurs along the lines of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social, economic status, age, religious beliefs, and political beliefs

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