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Diversified International Portfolio Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Introduction As a business grows, it becomes essential to consider viable diversification. This aspect denotes a kind of diversification that is capable of seeing the expansion of the firm as well as creating room for higher profitability. One of such diversification is the creation of an international portfolio. In embracing global collection, it becomes necessary to weigh the factors that affect the smooth running. In this paper, there is a discussion of the creation of a diversified international portfolio. There is also an assessment of the risk factors involved in foreign investment as well as highlights on the theory of optimum global portfolio in consideration of how the method affect the analysis of the international portfolio aspects. Diversification In many occasions, a business will always start at a lower and localized level of operation. Such a start does not imply that the company cannot achieve an international diversification. As time goes by and a business embraces the right kind of management, there are high possibilities of attaining elevated levels of operations such that it becomes necessary to diversify the portfolio of the firm. At the start, the diversification could start at the national level, but it is not always the case. When there has been the right assessment, there is arrival at a determination point on embracing diversified international portfolio. Diversified global portfolio comes with many advantages, (Liu, 2016). Nevertheless, there is bound to be risks that investors musk seek to mitigate if success is to be in attainment. The primary drive of the

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