Distribution of Coyote Species in an Urban or Human Transformed Area

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Abstract Changes in the natural geography adversely impact the existence of the wildlife. It is even worse when the development is about the creation of new cities, urban centers, agricultural and industrial sectors in Calgary. The Coyotes’ risk factor increases with every square meter encroachment of their natural habitats that happen to be forests. Coyotes are in danger in North America owing to their characteristics and small size in the wider wild dog family. Their shy and noninvolvement in human activities make them an accepted urban-carnivore in Calgary although their numbers are reducing gradually. By employing statistical analysis, this research result proofed coyote habitat distribution within the suburban and urban areas in Calgary, while they are facing gradual extinction, human conflict, and urban adsorption. People are the major killers of the species with many deaths occurring as a result of accidents, direct hunting, and poisoning. A comparison of the three modeling led to the LR model as the best predictor for habitat selection (ROC=0.913, Kappa=0.521, Corr=0.729, Sensitivity=0.767). If adopted, the results of this study can be used as a valuable tool in implementing conservation and management strategies for coyotes in the urban settings in Calgary. Habitat Fragmentation Habitat loss and fragmentation due to industrialization and urbanization are the primary threats to biodiversity and coyote population in Calgary today. According to Atwood (2006), multiple factors cause these adversities, but the greatest is the loss of habitat for the wildlife. According to the research, many regions within and without Calgary have lost the natural ecology to urban

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