Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Dispute resolution. This refers to some different ways used as a means of resolving disputes between the warring parties. Dispute resolution, therefore, involves meeting some portion of each conflicting parties needs and more importantly by addressing their specific needs. The dispute resolution mechanisms include mediation, arbitration, the use of the collaborative law, through negotiation and litigation. The purpose of dispute resolution. The main purpose of a dispute resolution process is to provide the parties with a mechanism through which they can all participate in arriving at a solution. Moreover, the mechanism allows them to have a greater degree of control towards the resulting outcome of the dispute. It allows the parties to have flexibility in that they have rules which are more flexible than when the conflict is presented before the courts of law. Lastly, dispute resolution allows the parties especially corporates to avoid courts which are more expensive ("Dispute Resolution Processes," 2016). The effectiveness of dispute resolution Dispute resolution mechanisms have led to easy access to justice. This is achieved through opening the door to both the rich and the poor to a system of equality something that the normal legal system has failed to achieve. As a result, disputes are solved harmoniously between parties. Its effectiveness is achieved when it allows the solving of disputes in one sitting something which cannot be achieved in a single court setting that is full of paperwork and a lot of legal steps and formalities that always take a longer time. Moreover, through dispute resolution, if

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