Disorders of Ventilation and Gas Exchange

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Disorders of Ventilation and Gas Exchange Name Institutional affiliation Disorders of Ventilation and Gas Exchange Management of Asthma and the Drugs in use for long term and short term Despite the nature of advances made in care, asthma remains a significant challenge, especially amongst the pediatric population. Statistics indicate that there has been a substantial rise in the mortality and hospitalization rates of children who have asthma. To date, inhalation therapies have been identified as the cornerstone for the treatment of asthma. Inhalation provides an ideal method to enhance the breathing abilities of the child. Corticosteroids are responsible for creating an anti-inflammatory effect, which in turn stabilizes mast cells and ensures that inflammatory mediators to be released are not allowed (Grossman & Porth, 2014). Bronchodilators (β2-agonist) act on the sympathetic nervous system, which causes the relaxation of the smooth bronchial muscles. The corticosteroid drugs are used as long-term drugs while bronchodilators are majorly used only in times of respiratory emergencies. The principal aim of prescribing an inhaled corticosteroid is to ensure that the patient has access to a small amount of the hormone in the long term such that the airways can experience reduced inflammation. Inhaled corticosteroids are the preferred methodology of treatment of asthma. The use of the corticosteroids ensures that there is sufficient control of inflammatory on the patient’s airways. Providing small doses of the drug is a feasible way to ensure that the bronchial tubes remain clear. The drug is perceived to be the most effective for long-term control of asthma.

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