Disgrace literary essay

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Name of Student Name of Professor Course Date Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee The novel “Disgrace” by J.M. Coetzee’s explores the challenges that were experienced by the Europeans minority post-apartheid. Coetzee describes the injustices meted against the Europeans by focusing on the career life as well as the private life of David Lurie, a 52-year old divorced professor of communication and romantic poetry at Cape Technical University. The story by Coetzee not only depicts the strife and the painful change that exists in the microcosm of Dr. David Lurie but also the themes of political, social, and ethical systems in the present day South Africa. As Lurie interacts with the society outside his normal sphere, his perceptions of the world and reality become definite and clear, and he realizes how ignorance is used by the society to justify the people and government’s actions in several unfortunate circumstances. Themes Sex and power The novel disgrace disintegrates broken gender, sexuality, and power into the social and political mainstream with the aim of challenging the traditional perceptions. The story mainly revolves around the sexual life of several characters including David and Soraya In the first lines of the book, Coetzee portrays the theme of sex and rest of the book follows the pattern. The issue of sex for a fifty-two-year-old man is fifty-two as portrayed in the novel is unusual. Of all the sexual encounters, none is passionate about most nonconsensual. Sex is being used as a form of domination. Also used as a way of filling the void in David's pursuit of a prostitute. Sex has been used as a source of shame or disgrace in the case of Lucy’s

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