Disenchantment and Rationalization between Max Weber and Habermas

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Disenchantment is a philosophical term used in describing undesirable changes of situations or facts in the society. Many factors in the society illustrate disenchantment, for instance, different aspects of religion have changed over years such that its true meaning and objective has faded. The people have become disenchanted with the religious leaders’ inability to control and maintain morals of religion. Schools have been disenchanted in the sense that the objective of their establishment has been rationalized to make the process simple and logical. The purpose of school initially was to identify talent and transform people into professionals concerning their interests, but instead, the trend in the society determines the topics and theories taught in school. Disenchantment has affected the culture such that new ideas from scientific evidence and discoveries have been integrated into beliefs to rationalize them; this has changed the meaning and importance of traditions (Balcomb, 2014). Currently, some communities lack a specific culture due to the rationalization resulting from socialization and education. Modernization of society has also resulted to disenchantment in different ways, for instance, industrialization was aimed at creating job opportunities but instead it has contributed to environmental and safety hazards (Grosby, 2013). The rates of pollution are great and result in multifaceted health problems. The political systems further contribute to dissatisfaction since leaders have compromised the aspect of democracy and responsibility. Leaders have embraced individuality and corruption, therefore, impacting communities negatively. The following paper will

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