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Student’s Name: Professor's Name: Course: Date Coping with Natural Forces 8.03: Floods are often destructive but having a contingency measure will always reduce the damage that the floods leave behind. The first thing has insurance; general insurance cover will not cover floods, a flood insurance cover, however, will be a great guarantee. Establish first whether the area is a flood plain than take up the measure. The next thing is the structure of the house; have it designed in such a way that even if these are floods, less damage will occur, say elevated furnace, well-installed drainage systems to avoid backups in floods, sealing basement walls with waterproof materials just to mention but a few. Finally, keep all important documents in a safety deposit box. 8.05: Nitrogen fertilizer is quite effective in agricultural production. However, they are the leading cause of groundwater pollution (Williams 7). Although the homeowner aims at having the greenest lawn in town, application of a lot of nitrogenous fertilizer is not the solution since it will only end up polluting underground water. However, consulting a specialist will help as they will advise on the appropriate amount that will be good for the lawn and the environment (groundwater) as well. 9.02: Karst environments play a crucial role in enhancing the supply of water for human use. However, human interference, e.g., through various construction in the caves and pollution (Williams 12) has greatly affected the karst environment that if not controlled will lead to a great decline in the quantity of water available for use. Measures are being put in place by environmental activists to ensure protection and

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