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CRIMINAL JUSTICE Name Institution affiliation Date Earl Turner describes American deadly attacks as a way of spreading propagandas against the federal government.Turner and member of his cohorts use propagandas to shake the federal government and also to accept resist regimes.For example, the filming of people on the “day of the rope” is used to show the result of racism in American society. Furthermore, Turners indicates that the people of the color are always depicted as animalistic criminals .(chapter 5)His opposition against the federal government markets his writing to all those who were supporting racist regimes.Additionally, the story starts after the federal government confiscates all the firearms in the hands of the civilians. This causes Turner and his cohorts to start a guerrilla war against the federal government.The system also tries to implement laws and repealing the law against rape. The use of ‘soft word ‘ has a great significance since it gives Turner and other members of the racist organization to remain united against the federal regime (chapter ix).Turner uses the raping of women to imply that gender only exists from a biological perspective. Moreover ,it makes it a crime for white people to be able to defend themselves from crimes by non-whites. The system was also pushing for more severe measures aimed at limiting freedom of movement by introducing special passport that will be required at all times. In this, Turner tries to show that their revolution is all about fighting against oppressive policies such as those that limits the racist freedom

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