Discussion- Module 4: Influencing Student Behaviors

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Influencing Student Behavior Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date Influencing Student Behavior in Teaching Education has been well-known as the critical element for the development of human personality. It enables individuals to acquire knowledge, self-understanding, and a significant appreciation through the transition to new social orders. However, Aggressive and disruptive student behavior obstructs student’s performance and the school climate. Similarly, teachers’ perceptions regarding the schooling climate significantly influence how students behave. Their teaching methods, behaviors, and attitude have a direct influence on student personality and performances. Therefore, reducing behavioral problems facing students remains the primary concern for teaching staff. This paper seeks to uncover how teacher-student perspective influences student’s behavior, personality, and academic performance. The paper further suggests possible remedies to influence a change. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “perspective” is defined as a given attitude developed toward something or the manner of regarding something, or indeed a particular point of view. In our classroom context, perspective can further be viewed as bundles of believes or mindset that a teacher embraces in determining how their see their students concerning students’ possibilities, experience, and abilities. Such perceptions have a direct impact on students’ emotions and their academic performance (Desautels, 2014). As Stahl and Kuhn (2002) acknowledge that development in reading is not an event; it is a process. Although some children have a different approach in their

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