Discussion for Week 4- Survey Construction

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Name Institution Survey Construction Survey Construction 1. In these two survey questions, participants are most likely to agree on the meaning of the terms used. That is because the terms in these questions are pretty straight forward and there is a lower chance of any ambiguity in them. The terms also go with the seemly participants of the survey which will eventually help in ensuring that the participants understand the meaning and tone. 2. Both questions are set out in a tone that there might be a possibility of an assumption that the participants have a certain preference and protocol about their sexual life. While that might tilt the view of the discussion to some extent, the idea of turning both statements into a question and allowing the participants to choose from a variety of options makes it less biased. That is something very important for an objective study CITATION Rea14 l 1033 (Rea & Parker, 2014). 3. In terms of measuring the concept of interest, both questions are pretty clear on that and provide with an opportunity to address the core interests of the study. One of the most important parts about a study is that it stays within the necessary scope and addresses the main idea of the research. In those terms, the questions are on point. Also, it is ensured that the queries are direct and do not leave any chances of getting an answer that the participant might not be confident about. 4. Yes. The results collected from can be easily interpreted. One of the reasons is the Likert scale used in the questions. These types of questions neither force the participant to give a certain answer nor does it leave everything so open-ended leading to

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