Discussion: Ethical Concerns

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Discussion: Ethical Concerns Name of Student Name of Institution Discussion: Ethical Concerns Scenario 1: The parents of a 5-year-old boy have accompanied their son to his required physical examination before starting kindergarten. His parents are opposed to him receiving any vaccines. As an advanced nurse, I will carry out a physical examination and advice the parents regarding vaccination. Some of the physical examinations will include “weight and height” measurement. I will also assess the kid’s cognitive and social development. I will make sure the parents know well that kids are at very high risk of being infected with diseases since their immune system do not have yet the required defense mechanisms for fighting diseases and infections. Although vaccination has been considered to be an effective means of future disease prevention, some concerns have been raised regarding its safety. In some degree, parents have been reluctant to take their children for vaccination due to genuine factors Vaccination has been deemed healthy by health experts around the world in an attempt to secure the health of children as they grow into adults. ("National, State, and Selected Local Area Vaccination Coverage Among Children Aged 19–35 Months — the United States, 2013", 2018). Scenario 5: A 17-year-old boy has come in for a check-up after a head injury during a football game. He has indicated that he would like to be able to play in the next game, which is in 3 days. As an advanced nursing practitioner, I will ensure the patient knows how critical head injuries could be. Even though, quality healthcare is nowadays achieved in the hospitals, rehabilitative care,

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