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Policy Analysis Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2017 report, African Americans are the worst hit by new HIV infection. Atlanta is the worst hit with the infection rate termed as of “epidemic proportions.” Gay and bisexual men are severely affected by this problem. The policy topic “HIV Rates in Black Men” is important in identifying some of the ways to effectively contribute towards the solution of HIV problem among Gay and bisexual men. To get the best results from this policy, an effective evaluation criterion is needed. Policy evaluation is a systematic and organized means of identifying ways of ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of a policy including identifying alternatives such as government programs or other methods of implementation. A policy that promotes community-based meetings as an alternative to dealing with HIV problem will require evaluation criteria that focus on effectiveness. Community-based meetings seek to unite members of a community in a participatory approach whereby affected and infected people share information on coping strategies, medication and prevention. These groups encourage members to be bold and reduce stigma. Using effectiveness criterion will determine if this alternative will be successful in ensuring that the black population is willing to attend meetings, whether the meetings are time-consuming and the challenges in organizing and funding these meetings. A policy alternative that seeks to integrate HIV prevention or treatment services with other healthcare services needs to be evaluated using efficiency criterion. This alternative seeks

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