Discussion Board Week 7 Literature

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Name Professor Subject Date Discussion Board Week 7 Literature Numerous short stories have been written to express the relationship between spouse, friends, lovers, and the role of women in the society. Although the stories are written at different times, their themes tend to be contemporary and universal. In "Trifles," "What Lips My Lips Have Kissed," "The Storm," and "Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night," the twists and turns that tie males and females in their actions result in physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional conflicts. However, the conflicts are caused mainly by the males who dominate the society. In the play Trifles by Glaspell Susan, men dominate the society, and they have little respect for their wives. The male dominance makes women feel repressed and unappreciated thus killing their spirit. In return, the females retaliate by physically conflicting the males resulting in the death of Mr. Wright. According to Hinz-Bode (65), the play depicts the need of empowering women within the patriarchal symbolic order as to save them from the male injustices. In the story “The Storm” by Kate Chopins, the cult of true womanhood is broken when Calixta engages in a sexual relationship with her past lover resulting in a moral conflict. However, her involvement in the adulterous relationship can be attributed to the men who take away her innocence. In the poem “What my lips have kissed” the poet spends most of her life searching for love and attention but never finds it. In the end, she is filled with sadness as her arduous search has been in vain and consequently, she gets into an emotional conflict with herself. The sadness that she gets when she

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