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Employment of Older Workers Name Institutions Employment of Older Workers Older workers may not deliver as accurate job as their younger counterparts, but they have years of experience that are irreplaceable. This is because they have adequate knowledge about a range of tools and software they have worked with for an extended period. More so, older workers are more efficient and confident to share ideas with other colleagues. This is due to their accumulated knowledge and experience, which enables them to understand how jobs are done efficiently. Older workers value job security more than money. Therefore they cost less than their younger counterparts, which helps save on labor budgeting (Johnson et al., 2017). Older workers also tend to be more dedicated than younger people, which results in the production of high-quality work, which translates into higher profit realization. However, employing older people may be disadvantageous; for instance, they may find it hard to cope with technological changes as they tend taking more time to learn how to use new software. More so, older workers are less competitive since most seem satisfied with their career. Thus, the absence of this competitive spirit in business may lead to reduced productivity in employees. Besides, older workers may lack flexibility due to age; they may not work in a company for long before reaching the retirement age. They may also have chronic illness, which makes them more expensive when it comes to insurance covers and medical care. Social security plays a crucial role in recognizing the human right to social protection for older people and enabling income security and easier access to health

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