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Changes in Mode of Classroom Delivery Student Institution Abstract Education is the process of delivering systematic instruction to learners in schools and institutions. There has been a wide discussion among various stakeholders, ranging from government, parents, institutions and churches. Their argument is the difference between the traditional and progressive form of education. Everyone accepts it as being the best and irreplaceable process since it shapes the future of the young ones. Unfortunately, the agreement ends there due to various opinions of what education is, how to be conducted and for what period of time. This argument has been on since the twentieth century, drawing two sides between the traditionalists and the progressives. This paper is aims to discuss both types of education styles in terms of their format and classroom delivery mode. The pros and cons of each system, is in non-partisan way as well as how the two forms of education is expected to influence the learner in different ways. Changes in Mode of Classroom Delivery Traditional form education is supported mostly by parents, older teachers, and some private schools. Traditional private schools still believe in classical education, emphasizing a lot on languages and literature (Jensen, 2005). On the other side, the progressives are made by the majority of educational professionals which consist of teachers, college institutions professors and publishing companies. Professional programs for public school teachers are conducted from a progressive perspective. Traditional Classrooms In traditional system class is a preparation for life where learners absorb information from their

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