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Adolescent development: Role of Religion Author’s Name Institution Adolescent development: Role of Religion Across many cultures, the middle childhood from age seven till the onset of their puberty is always the time of increased privilege and responsibility. Children begin to be involved with peer groups hence putting them in such a position of comparing themselves to others. Self-efficacy develops while becoming significant. The important process of this identity development always takes place during the adolescence stage. Adolescents enter such a psychosocial moratorium that is a period of real relative freedom from the societal expectations (Debora, 2012). Everything which was established on self in the childhood is always reevaluated in the adolescent stage such as self-worth; self-concept and Childhood personality can be retained or rejected in search of an identity (Carvey, 2013). The positive effect and influence of friends and family are vital in development at adolescent stages A child self-concept always leads them to their association with peers and influences how they relate with friends. Religious practices placed a high significance on decreased adolescent sexual activity. After the parental marriage, the religious practice is the most significant aspect related to this reduced teen sexual activity. An increase in religiosity reduced the odds of being sexually active. In the society, religious beliefs and traditional values were factors for remaining sexual absenteeism. However, religion is not solemnly an issue of external controls which curb adolescent’s risk behavior. The level of the religious practice in the society influenced the sexual

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