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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Discussion In the United States, the two majority parties in Congress have demonstrated an increased polarization towards the end of the 20th century to date (Moss, n.p.). This difference between policymakers is attributed to the injection of money into politics, political processes such as gerrymandering, and the broadcasting of news in the technological era. The effect is a lack of respect for the integrity of institutions and democratic health (Moss, n.p.). Different factors each supporting each other are to blame for polarization, but the focus should lie on probable solutions. These solutions lie with corporate leaders who can influence the process through four steps. These steps are the discourse on democracy, clarification of public priorities, investment in history, and upholding civics (Moss, n.p.). Lack of inclusivity in political positions and especially the presidency is an issue in the United States. The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) rules for the presidential debate require two qualifications for a candidate to participate. The first is each candidate should gather sufficient signatures to be on the ballot in states with 270 electoral votes or more (Hayden, n.p.). The second is each candidate should tally an average of 15% support in national polls seven weeks to the election (Hayden, n.p.). While most candidates achieve the first, independent candidates fail to meet the second qualification. The result is that the nation is exposed to candidates from the two major political parties. The solution would be to amend these rules to accommodate independents would promote diversity and increase confidence in

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