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Ignorance Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Ignorance Many are the times we turn to ignorance ignoring how this may affect critical thinking which is pivotal in intellectual and personal development. Humanity has always placed emphasis and shifted attention to pressing issues which they think are relevant to their lives. Ignorance emanates from naivety and lack of knowledge on essential background information on the situation at hand. Ignorance does not denote stupidity since even intelligent persons turn a deaf ear to some things which they believe are fundamentally rational (Tsui, 2000). I acknowledge that at most times we are all victims of ignorance and personally I have consistently ignored the campaign on prevention of HIV/AIDS. I find the constant reminders niggling based on the presumptions that everyone is aware of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and means of preventing the infection and spread of this lethal disease. Its integration in the school curriculum is enough to emancipate the masses and constant talks, workshops and seminars on this are just a waste of time. College students have regularly been accused of ignorance especially on matters to do with community involvement. While in college, students tend to limit their activities to book life and the relationship with their fellow students. Unfortunately, little do they know that their college life is limited as they will later join the extended community after graduating. The society is sometimes not welcoming and places a very high bar for students who wish to be incorporated in community-based activities (Tsui, 2000). A typical example is a bar set by employers on the working experience in an

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