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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Gender Stereotyping In Toy Marketing The first picture features Barbie dolls. The Barbie dolls encompass girls in fancy hair and clothes. A slim body shape is also a common feature among all the Barbie dolls. Pink color is also noticeable among a majority of the Barbie dolls. A slim body, fancy clothes, and hair serves to emphasize the importance of physical appearance among women. The Barbie dolls project the ideal physical appearance of women as one where a woman has slim body, narrow hip and small breasts (Bartky 406). On the other hand, the second picture displays toys mimicking men in swords, guns and combat gear. The dummy men in the picture are also muscular. The dummy men, as well as the surrounding environment, serve to attribute aggression to males. Toys are intended to appeal to young children. These are human beings without much knowledge about the world. It is through toys that they first learn how the world works. The young children also lack any substantial knowledge regarding gender. Their uninformed nature makes them susceptible to any information they come across in their daily lives. Toys significantly contribute to the information assimilated by children regarding gender and the expected roles of each gender in society. Both pictures in the advertisements promote gender stereotyping. Gender stereotyping entails attributing certain features and behavior to a specific gender (Scott 41). Physical attractiveness as well as being nurturing is attributed to women while aggression and physical strength are attributed to men. Women are assigned the role of being homemakers while men are assigned the role of being

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