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Physical Movement and Critical Thinking (Author’s Name) (Institutional Affiliation) Abstract The physical movement of students has a direct connection with critical thinking abilities. The evidence of mind-body links will analyze the links between the mind and the human brain as it is scattered with various proposals during the past eras. Anatomical evidence will highlight on the brain and which part is associated with controlling the cerebellum. The cognitive evidence highlights the importance of physical movement to the learning process. Secondly, functional evidence highlights on the improvements in patterns of gene expressions that enhance encoding and transfer of data factors and how they facilitate the learning process among students. Moreover, school applications analyze the daily physical education program and how the exercises shape up the brain with oxygen and neutrophils. Thirdly, on memory and recall, it highlights on multiple memory pathways that give students chances of revealing memories in the classroom. Lastly, the physical environment for learning analyzes temperature and how it influences the brain. Moreover, it highlights on lighting, noise, seating and other environmental consideration. Physical Movements and Critical Thinking Physical movement is the ability that an individual has to be mobile. Critical thinking is the ability of the brain to analyze information effectively and efficiently. Physical movements enhance critical thinking with consideration of the physical environment for learning and critical elements of the memory and recall. The cognitive evidence is sensitive on the reticular activating system has it moderates the

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