Discuss your reasons for applying to a degree program at umass

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Application Essay My interest in Biology stretches back to my pre-teen years. I would regularly capture small animals like frogs, grasshoppers, and other miniature insects to try to discover just how they are built. Most of my peers found me eccentric and enigmatic. They could not comprehend my so-called “obsession” with animals. However, to me, it seemed normal, nothing out of place. Just a curious young soul trying to satisfy his curiosity. Perhaps my interest was fueled by parents who were both Biology teachers. There were charts all over our house depicting different mammals and their physical structures. I would regularly ask them what function various organs such as the liver and heart performed. Not once did they turn me away, say they were too busy or refuse to answer any question I had. I can confidently say that my passion for Biology is as old as I am. My passion did not wane as I grew older. If anything, I began to take note of the different branches of Biology and started to identify where I could specialize in. When i was around 16, I set my heart on biomedical research. I wanted to make a change in the world especially with so many diseases afflicting a vast majority of the population. I thought to myself that if I could find the cure to just one major disease, then I would have accomplished my purpose. I started conducting research on the best colleges to pursue my desired career while also looking for who the best biomedical researchers were. After a thorough survey of the best schools in the country, I stumbled on the University of Massachusetts or UMass. I had not realized when I was going through the vast amounts of data on the internet,

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