Discuss three “turning point” battles of the Civil War that decided the fate of our nation.

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Name: Instructor: School: Date: Three Turning Point Battles of the Civil War The civil war denotes the war that broke out in America in 1861 and ended in 1865. The war emanated from seven southern slave states which made the declaration of secession from the United States. They formed the Confederate States of America. In 1961, the Confederate States made an attack on the US fortress Fort Sumter prompting the outbreak of the war. The Confederate grew to include eleven states. However, there was no diplomatic recognition of the Confederate in any country in the world. In the course of the war, there were three turning points battles which to great extents decided the fate of our nation. In this paper, there is a discussion of those three turning point battles. Battle of Chancellorsville The battle of Chancellorsville made a significant impact to the fate of US in as far as the civil war is concerned. In 1863, General Hooker was in charge of the Union Army, and he formed a Calvary aimed at making attacks. The target was to strike at Robert Lee’s army, whose number was hardly half that of Hooker. The attack turned out to be a turning point in the war, though not much in an anticipated way, (Hopak, 24). General Hooker took much-calculated moves of dividing his army into several groups for those that would attack and those that would engage in defense. General Hooker was profoundly convinced that there would be a victory as there was engagement in much hiding to deceive the opponents that the number was not so much high, hence prompt them to a reckless attack. However, General Lee did not fall for the setup. With the help of Stonewall Jackson, Lee came up with a

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