Discuss three major reform efforts of the young republic period

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Name Instructor Course Date Major reform efforts of the young Republic period The U. S established the quality of improvement throughout the mid19th century. It was concerned with such areas as the issues about women, the revival of religion, educational matters, and abolitionism. By 1820s, America was undergoing terrifying and unsettling economic, sociopolitical modifications (Sims 58). The farming and rural life were gradually changing with the development of townships and cities, industrialization and the rise of a market economy. The governments and private sector were capitalizing in infrastructures, railways, bridges, canal, and channels that connected the distant areas of the growing republic. The new industrial world changed the social affairs and work. Many people change to that direction from farming, which modified the traditional culture. Machines that also needed skilled craft personnel replaced ancient techniques. Many changes caused by industrialization over oppression, accompanied by genuine interests for the predicament of the poor, led to transformation activities in education, health, religion, temperance, prison, land possession and development, women’s civil rights, and abolition. The main reforms of the young republic period include modifications in the sectors of education, religion, and politics, which led to the major positive changes in the American history. The Second Great Awakening was a period that marked the essential evolution of the U. S religious life. The Founding Fathers proved their disagreement to the combination of religion and the government by differentiating the government and church in the First Constitutional Amendment.

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