Discuss the role of money in US federal elections,with reference to either the congressional or presidential vote,and give reasons for its influence

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Role of Money in US Federal Elections with regards to Presidential Vote Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Introduction The United States federal election involves a lot of spending in regards to the campaigns and attack advertisements. The presidential vote, particularly, involves intense competition among the candidates from different parties. Therefore, money plays a significant role in making the candidates run and remain in the race for some period. Money is used for the political campaign to spread the information about the agenda and other issues of the candidates in different regions of the nation. It influences the outcomes of the presidential elections and also determines the possibility of an aspirant to drop out of the race or continue. It is also important to identify the sources of finance and whether the federal laws restrict the amount of money spent on the political campaign by different candidates. The paper argues that money acts as a determinant for a candidate to run and remain in the U.S. presidential election or vote. Role of Money in the U.S. Federal Election Money has played a significant role in the U.S. Presidential votes. Some of the candidates have been able to fund themselves while others rely much on the Super PACs to aid their race for the election or party nomination. Different candidates from different parties raise and spend money in a different manner from their competitors. The presidential election involves the use of a huge amount of money during the campaigns and political advertisements. Exploring the role and influence of money in the presidential votes is vital to getting a deep understanding of the

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